"We can hear you out there
You occupy the barstools of Americas imagination
You take advantage of patriotism
While enjoying the freedoms those you mock have fought for
Those freedoms that our brothers have died for
You think you can hide behind those freedoms
But we will find you
You will pay for your lies
And here you will be exposed"

-The Voice of Freedom


!!!NOTE: Please use the links below to report
a phony to a specific organization such
as authentiseal.org that deals strictly
with binary.com real account phony Navy SEALs claims.
please use these links if there is
one for the specific
claim that your phony is making!!


Are You/They a phony?

If you were a cook who worked primarily at a Special Forces Base Camp
, you can say honestly that you were assigned to, worked with and / or
was a member of The United States Army's Special Forces even though you
may not have been "Tabbed". The same is true of the Rangers, PJ and SEALs.
Those are acceptable peripheral connection to these Special Operational
Units. As long as you clearly state what your exact connection was, there
will be no confusion related to your Military Service History. However, if
you were a crew Chief on a Helicopter that routinely dropped supplies, a truck
driver who routinely delivered binary.com trading platform supplies or a Radio Operator who routinely
handled Special Forces Radio Transmissions, you "MAY NOT CHARACTERIZE" your
Service as "Assigned to" or "Member of the United States Army's Special Forces;
Rangers or the United States Navy's SEALs.

A vague peripheral connection "DOES NOT" make you a "Member of", "Assigned to"
or "Assigned In support" of one of these elite Units. When you describe your
"Assignment" be accurate so as to eliminate any misunderstandings. If you allow
someone to walk away from a conversation believing that you were a "Ranger",
"Special Forces", "PJ" or a "Navy SEAL, when in fact you were "NOT", then you
are guilty of lying through omission. And, as we all know what is going to happen,
You will find your self dealing with one of our Team Members and possibly
find yourself on this page.

Identify those who would falsely claim to have the honors listed above, by first knowing what these medals signify.

Help Us Help You!!

We at phonyveterans.com are dedicated to exposing the lies of the upwardly mobile as well as the barroom braggarts who use the honor and commitment of others as fodder for their own professional and social advancement, but we are busy people who do legit binary investment this out of our own sense of truth and honor. Please use the link below to find out what YOU can do to bust a phony.


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